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Free App - EIN TAG - DEUTSCH IN DER PFLEGE Today I am going to introduce a free application, which allows you to train the necessary language required in Health Care professions in Germany. DESIGNED as a Role play. It includes exercises on communication vocabulary typical idiomatic structures / sentences pronunciation exercises for learners of German language Level B1 and higher. QUOTE from FLYER: “Working in health care professions in Germany you will be facing many linguistic challenges. This game is designed for you to practice your communicational skills with different people during your work day as you will meet the patient Torben Teller, his caring wife and the demanding senior physician Dr. Thewes. No need to worry, there will be helpful colleagues at your side. The game presents numerous authentic conversations of everyday work in health care situations.” Once you don’t know a word the DICTIONARY will help you out. As well as the INFOBOX, which provides useful information about working in health care professions in Germany. THE FEATURES ARE in short: about 90 minutes play time non-linear interactions and intelligent dialogues audible dialogues context-sensitive knowledge database interactive exercises THE MAIN TECHNICAL FEATURES ARE: playable offline Target language is German game can be interrupted and restarted any time. no recording of personal data size is 48 MB Android and Apple versions http://www.deutsch-am-arbeitsplatz.de/app Copyright: IQ - Website Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz From Burleigh in QLD Australia in FEB 2018 Yours Peter http://bloecker.blog --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/phbloecker/message

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