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Tools, Podcasts, Books and Strategies for Sustainability as a Camp Pro

One of the best things about being a long time camp pro is that every year, we essentially find ourselves doing the same cycle over and over again. While this can be tiring, even exhausting, if we think about it another way, it’s also an incredible opportunity to get better and better without (too many) extremely large learning curves.

In your search for consistent improvement, the CampHacker crew wants to help! In this episode, Travis, Joe and Gab are joined by the wonderful Ruby Compton (Yes! THAT Ruby from Camp Code!). These four pros join forces to share their sources of inspiration that help them find the drive, motivation and sustainability to innovate their camp, and the entire industry year after year.

Below, is a list of most of what is covered from this episode. We included it for you, yes, you, who are awesome and read the show notes! Here you are, you awesome person, you!


Ruby’s Picks (using the iTunes Podcast App) - CampHacker - Building a Story Brand - Outside In - Dirtbag Diaries - She Explores

Joe’s Picks - (using Pocket Casts) - 99% Invisible - Radiolab - Cool Tools - Zig Zag - The Daily From New York Times - Enneagram Podcasts - Reveal - (Also using the Google Assistant to play the news)

Travis’ Pick (using Pocket Casts) - Planet Money - The Turnaround - I Think You’re Interesting - The Ezra Klein Show - Invisibilia - Code Switch

Gab’s Picks (using the iTunes Podcast App) - Getting Curious (specifically the Katie Couric episode) - Queery - Two Dope Queens

Audio Books

Gab - Mating Within Captivity

Joe (using Audible and Local Library Apps) - Boys Adrift - Anything by Neil Gaiman (who reads them himself!)

Travis - Listens to fiction in audiobook form, not business books.

Inner Camp Industry Inspirations


Visiting other camps (as an accreditation visitor or as a consultant)

Summer Camp Professionals Facebook Group


Research and learn from camps that are drastically different from your own

The International Camping Fellowship


Making time to talk and meet with people who are passionate about the industry or to be a confidant


Use your professional development budget to tour other summer camps for inspiration

Building a small support network of peers

The Society of Camp Directors (in Canada)

What do you do for fun?


Light big fires, make things go boom (Email Joe and ask about his potato cannons)

Go to the movies by yourself

Woodworking and art without a specific direction in mind


Getting outside

Geocaching (App or App-less!)

Take yourself on a date

DIY Youtube projects


Drawing portraits and things that challenge him artistically

Woodworking, building and Youtube DIY videos

Travel to broaden your perspective


Watercolour painting

Museum trips

Listening to yourself to figure out what you “feel” like doing

Assorted Thoughts:

Looking at how libraries are reinventing themselves to “get with the times”

Starting with a morning reading ritual

Take a vacation. No seriously. No phone, no email, take the time to take the time.

Remember that you are not your job and camp is not you. You need freedom to develop yourself properly.

Magazine (or podcast) subscriptions (see above), not just summer camp, and not just non-fiction related material.

The Pocket App/Extension and Feedly can help with that

Using the idea that “We need to be better” and looking at how other non-camp people are changing the world and using their developments

Be brave and make waves in the industry. People might not always like you, or your ideas, but that’s okay.

Inspirational Instagram Feeds - Representation Matters, Because Of Them, etc.

Deep thinking on your own without the internet to help.

What tools and mindsets do you use to help yourself be a better camp pro? Let us know in the comments!

Tool of the Week – Make Yourself a Better Camp Director

Travis: Wyze Cam

Gabz: The Noun Project

Joe: Time Timer

Ruby: Yoga Chimes

Your Hosts:

Travis Allison, Summer Camp Consultant - CampHacker.TV, Founder at Go Camp Pro

Gabrielle Raill, Camp Director - Camp Ouareau

Joe Richards, Executive Director - Pearce Williams Summer Camp & Retreat Facility

Ruby Compton, Chief Exploation Officer - Ruby Outdoors

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