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CGM Presents: In the Word Podcast covers every aspect of life from "A" to "Z" while applying Bible principles to 21st-century living. All podcasts can be reached by category at: All podcasts are on the following podcast platforms: Apple, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart, Pandora and more. The presentations are informative and inspirational while weaving in a dash of humor to uplift and encourage listeners. Most of all, it leads the listener to a deliberate inquiry into their own love relationship with the Lord. Dr. Stephanie Wright, D.Jur., is the presenter of this podcast. She is the media coordinator for Charles George Missions, Inc. ("CGM"), a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, attorney, pilot, podcaster, and most of all, she loves the Lord. She is married to Apostle Charles G. Wright. For more information on the presenter visit CGM's website:

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