BONUS A Halloween Crossover: CHADS A Fresh Tomatoes Fallout 76 Story (2 episodes in 1!)


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This is Kenneth Vigue. I was carving pumpkins when a witch crashed into the bushes outside Vigue Manor deep in the Carpathian Mountains (of New Hampshire). She cursed me and the entire podcast crew by hurling us into an alternate reality where we takeover the Fresh Tomatoes Podcast this week and Chad and Simone from the Fresh Tomatoes Podcast take over ours! Ironically enough the hosts of that show are named Chad and Simone...

But don't worry, the season premiere of our show will be this Saturday!


In this original story written and edited by Chad Echakowitz, he and Simone are headed to a Fresh Tomatoes Movie Con when their plane crashes in Appalachia. After attempting to figure out the meta of a Fallout America, they meet Simon and Chad who see an opportunity to time travel to a better universe.

Please check out their amazing show (and our crossover episode) here:


  • Chad Echakowitz as himself
  • Simone le Roux as herself
  • Alexander Luthor as Chad Johnson
  • Kenneth Vigue as Simon Rex


Myself and Jessica Duval (the voice of Susie the ghoul) travel to the Fresh Tomatoes compound. I search throughout its vast echoing halls and find no trace of Chad or Simone, but oddly I hear Jessica singing in a dark room in the voice of Susie with some thumping and screaming coming from an old trunk. In our version of the Fresh Tomatoes podcast, Jessica and I sit down to review two of the films we watched during our CHAD: A Fallout 76 Story Halloween Drive-In event: Death Bed (1977) and Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959). Buckle up because this has everything from the Hell's Angels to KFC.

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