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An all vinyl session of house goodness on the soulful and deep tip. 1. Comfy Bella "Konkahs" [Released Records] 2. Colm K "Beginnings" (K15 Remix) [Tiff's Joints] 3. Scott Grooves "Yangu Breeze" 4. Hanna "Last Forever" [People of Earth] 5. Setwun "Lonnie" [Broken District] 6. Soul Reductions "A Rose is a Rose" [Take Away UK] 7. Gibs "Find an Oasis" [Phonogramme France] 8. The Free Radikalz "Open Up" (Dub Mix) [Noble Square Recordings] 9. Vick Lavender "Cosmic Love" (Sophisticado Full Vocal Mix) [Wrong Notes] 10. Ananda Project "Where the Music Takes You" (Monchan edit) [Nite Grooves] 11. The Astral Walkers "Don't Fear the Sound" (Full Expansion) [Needs] 12. Jon Sable & Huerta "Alishan Forest Railway" [IDWT Music] 13. Untitled White Label. 14. Eva 00 "Yaw Yaw Yaw" [The Other Planet] 15. Code Deploy "Everlasting" (Silverlining Dub Remix) [Deploy Audio] 16. RT Factor "Electric Ride" [Electric Blue Germany]

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