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By Dave Hilgendorf: Christian Marketplace Ministry Blogger and Dave Hilgendorf. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps.
Dave Hilgendorf from interviews men from all walks of life who are choosing daily to be led by the Holy Spirit and live out their Christian faith at their work and because of that they are leading, prospering, glorifying God, and experiencing joy and purpose in their work, and you can too. Have you bought into the lie that your work has no real significance or meaning beyond a paycheck? How about the lie that the time you spend working is not kingdom work and not part of God's plan unless you're a full-time pastor or missionary or you're volunteering at your local church? The Devil is thrilled when you spend your work day feeling like the work you do is somehow second class spiritually. In this podcast I interview Christian men who have made a simple choice, regardless of what particular denomination their church is a part of and regardless of their job title. That simple choice is to invite the Holy Spirit to lead them at their job and in so doing to surrender their work, the biggest part of their life in terms of time, to God. The various reasons why they've made that choice may be different for every man but I believe there are two primary common reasons. The first is they know both from scripture and from a feeling deep down inside that this is God's will for them. The second reason is they know that this is the only chance they have of having a job and a career that really means something beyond simply earning money. This is the one and only way to have a sense of joy and purpose in the work they do. What kind of work they do and whether their work lines up well with their desires, talents, and strengths are both important, but they pale in comparison to whether or not God is in their work. God must be at the center of your work or your work truly will be the necessary evil the world and the Devil wants you to believe it is. The men I interview don't have it all figured out (none of us do!) and I encourage them to be real and transparent about both the victories and struggles of their journey of being Spirit led at their work. Hopefully, in this way, you'll find someone and something in every episode that you can relate to and through which God can help guide you to be closer to Him and more fulfilled and joyful in your daily worklife. Your work can truly be marketplace ministry and much more.

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