9. Is Psychosis The Last Mental Health Taboo?


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In this penultimate episode of this season of Chronic, host Lucy Pasha-Robinson is joined by New York Times best-selling author Esmé Weijun Wang, who lives with schizoaffective disorder.

In this candid chat, we tackle some of the common misconceptions around psychosis – namely that sufferers are violent or dangerous. In fact, those with a diagnosis of a schizophrenic disorder are much more likely to be victims of violence.

Esmé shares what it’s like to live with delusions, hallucinations, both auditory and visual, and other psychotic symptoms that are so often misunderstood.

We talk identity when you live with mental illness, judgement by others, support networks and coping strategies. And address the big question – have the collective schizophrenias been left behind in our conversations around mental health?

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