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The modern world today is no different from the Ancient Babylonian, Classic Greek/Roman, or Industrial English Eras. Tyranny exists today in various measures around the world - with no exception to America. The United States of America was founded on the most basic of all human rights given to each person upon birth: Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness. Historically, America is the only country originating from a set of philosophical tenets - among them that sovereignty resides with the consent of the governed. These inalienable rights used to be protected from government by the Constitution and The Rule of Law. Today's America does not utilize these documents for their original intention and philosophical bearing; we have allowed the usurpation of that power to a bureaucratic oligarchy, resulting in a maligned version of the original civil intent that was the idea of America. This blog sets off on a quest to re-calibrate the lenses of truth that are used to shine light onto the American people as a reminder of the timeless doctrine given to us. This light has been refracted by the prisms of propaganda constructed by a tyrannical force that exists within the wicked human being. This force was not unknown to the Originiators; they knew this force could only be held in check by a worldly and sovereign citizenry with the protections established by checks and balances, the separations of powers, etc. The pursuit of the truth contained in this blog will hopefully spark a radiant fire to reclaim and reaffirm the principle ideas of our Founding, through civic action, and embolden the virtues innate in every individual. Only then, will the coalescence of a virtuous people be allowed to thrive and realize the noble potential of humanity. This is our task. Will you join us and act worthy of yourself?

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