50. Messaging Vs Message; mentioning Jordan Peterson, Ricky Gervais & Carl Jung


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*So sorry, there is an echo in one of the recordings :(. Outcome = Message * Messaging. We've come to believe Messaging is more important than Message. Key questions to ask at the end of a conversation are 1. “What did I learn?” and 2. “How does the other person feel?” 1. “What did I learn?” Taxonomy -L1: Why i’m right and defend anything others say about me being wrong L1: Try to listen to the other party L2: What can I learn? 2. “How does the other person feel?” Taxonomy -L1: Told them they are wrong. Like you less. L1: Tried to have someone understand your view. Neutral, don't like more or less L2: Tried to understand their view, tried to help someone understand your view. Tried to show what you learned and show how your view changed because of this. Tried to help the other change their own mind with eg socratic questions. They like you more. Likability ≠ Value of input. - Likability = Messaging. Try for agreeable disagreement. - Value = Message. Could have totally opposite view. Likability uncorrelated to value of message? "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you’ll call it fate." Carl Jung Contact us at info@cloudstreaks.com

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