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How do you elevate your photography? If you read articles, listen to photography podcasts, watch a lot Youtube videos; and you’ve attended numerous workshops and conferences; you’ve probably tried lots of techniques-different lights and lighting set ups; you've purchased a ton of gear, software, and apps; or taken to the extreme, you’ve changed camera systems. And are your photos really that much better? What if I told you that the secret to better photos isn’t in the latest gear or the latest preset? The secret to better photos is everything that goes on before the first time you click the shutter. Let me teach you how to build quality photoshoots and have a better photoshoot experience using These 5 Pillars to a Better Photoshoot:CORT-Consistency, Organization, Redundancy, and TimePhotoshoot Mapping and WorkflowSkills-Technical and People SkillsBusinessGrowthThese 5 Pillars will have you walking into any photoshoot, any set, any location, any event, and any business dealings with confidence. These 5 Pillars have taken me from shy, reserved, ladened with self-doubt and denying myself opportunities, to a determined, self-assured, on-set problem solver who welcomes challenges and who no longer negotiates pricing. I’m your host Maria. I specialize in Portrait and Headshot Photography. My portraits are magazine-style contemporary images that allow my clients to be photographed the way they want to be seen by the rest of the world. That means working with MUAs, hairstylists, as well as my clients. It means learning to collaborate and to direct. Using these 5 Pillars has changed my confidence and my ability to interact with clients, collaborators, colleagues, and with businesses. These changes have lead me to expand my portfolio to engagement, maternity, and family photography; to operate two businesses, and to acquire my own studio. I know getting Clued Up to the 5 Pillars and to what has to go on behind the scenes in order to produce quality photoshoot experiences for you and your client will elevate your photography. So join me every Tuesday to get Clued Up. We’ll also have some special guests-photographers, MUAs, models, and more. PS: I’ll be throwing in some surprise BTS bonus tips too. You can check out the Clued Up webpage at and follow the show on Instagram at @CluedUpBTS.

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