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The “Being You” podcast is a journey of motivation, inspiration and transformation for where you are right now to where you want to BE. Uncovering beliefs, behaviors, and patterns of those highly successful in all areas of life. Business, health, relationships, financial investment and experiences, to inspire you, motivate you and enable you to take action & for you to step into your own potential and achieve wonders you seek for yourself. Who is James Short? How did I get started? What and who influenced me to do what I do? Listen to this podcast and learn how I got from point A to B. Who knows, you might get some tips that you can apply on your own personal journey to success. Lighting the fire of inspiration Lost inspiration? Let me tell you a secret. You didn’t lose it. You just need to jumpstart it. Join me on this podcast for tips and advice on how to spark the fire of inspiration. Finding your limits We all have limitations. The question is, are we just going to be content with that knowledge or do we do something about it? Join me today for insights about limitations and overcoming them. Transforming the negative into positive What happens when something unfortunate happens? Do we dwell on it or turn it to our advantage? Join me on this podcast as we talk about changing your mindset from seeing the negative to seeing opportunities instead. Life as a parent To most, becoming a parent is intimidating. They would rather start a business from scratch than becoming one. What if I tell you that they are similar in many ways. Instead of employees, you are, in a way, managing small versions of yourself. If you are expecting a little one soon, this podcast is perfect for you.

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