429: Create Margin Through Intentional Leadership, with Amy McPherson


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Amy McPherson: Advisors for Change Amy McPherson is the managing partner and founder of Advisors for Change. Since 2007, Advisors for Change has developed financial management systems for non-profit organizations so they can spend more time on their mission and less time on their administration. Amy is also a member of the Coaching for Leaders Academy. After discovering this podcast three years ago, Amy sought a practical way to implement the leadership ideas she was discovering. In this conversation, Amy and I discuss how her aim to create more margin for her family has driven more intention for staff development, coaching, and transparency. We also discuss what she’s discovered from expert guests and how she utilized the framework of the Academy to create movement. Key Points The seven questions from The Coaching Habit provided a framework for the kind of culture that would best serve the non-profit partners of Advisors for Change. Shifting focus from lagging indicators to leading indicators helped zero in on the behaviors needed today for success tomorrow. Find the bigger “why” behind what you are doing. In Amy’s case, her leadership growth was fueled by her desire to spend more time with her teenage children. The Coaching for Leaders Academy provided Amy with the framework for deliberate, consistent movement on what was most important for the business. Resources Mentioned Advisors for Change Amy McPherson on LinkedIn Related Episodes These Coaching Questions Get Results, with Michael Bungay Stanier (episode 237) How Teams Use StrengthsFinder Results, with Lisa Cummings (episode 293) How to Actually Move Numbers, with Chris McChesney (episode 294) How to Challenge Directly and Care Personally, with Kim Scott (episode 302) Growth Mindset Helps You Rise From the Ashes, with Jeff Hittenberger (episode 326) Discover More Activate your free membership for full access to the entire library of interviews since 2011, searchable by topic.

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