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We take an introspective look into what’s wrong with Michael’s life, Allen keeps taking us down random tangents, and Joe misses the chance for the perfect joke as we wrap up our deep dive into Hasura’s 3factor app architecture pattern.

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Factor Tres – Async Serverless

The first two factors, realtime GraphQL and reliable eventing, provide the foundation for a decoupled architecture that paves the way for the third factor: async serverless.

These serverless processes meet two properties:

  • Idempotency: Events are delivered at least once.
  • Out of order messaging: The order the events are received is not guaranteed.

Traditional vs 3factor app

Traditional application3factor application
Synchronous procedure code.Loosely coupled event handlers.
Deployed on VMs or containers.Deployed on serverless platforms.
You manage the platform.The platform is managed for you.
Requires operational expertise.No operational expertise necessary.
Auto-scale when possible.Auto-scales by default.

Benefits of serverless architectures

  • No-ops: no run time to manage.
  • Free scale: scales based on utilization.
  • Cost: you pay for utilization.

Sample serverless providers

When to use the 3 Factor app?

  • Multiple subsystems that need to subscribe to the same events.
  • Low latency events.
  • Complex event processing.
  • High volume, velocity data.


  • Producers and consumers are decoupled.
  • No point-to point-integrations.
  • Consumers can respond to events immediately as they arrive.
  • Highly scalable and distributed.
  • Subsystems have independent views of the event stream.


  • Guaranteed event delivery.
  • Processing events in order.
  • Processing events exactly once.
  • Latency related to initial serverless start up time.
The five key phases of software development.

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