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== About the 'Coffee & Geography' podcast == The aim of ‘Coffee & Geography’ is to get to know, explore and celebrate the diverse & intersectional range of people and their love for the world. We’ll have fun exploring all the myriad of ways that connects your life to geography. Wait – you don’t think you’re a ‘geographer’? Well, that’s ok! If you have a love and passion for the world then you probably are more than you know. If you're interested in being a guest or want to find out more, then visit There you will also find an interactive map to explore the locations of guests and the brews that they drink! Follow us on Twitter at The Coffee & Geography Podcast is a 'Geogramblings' production, hosted and produced by Kit Rackley (they/them). The podcast is supported by generous donations via and takes advice from an advisory board of volunteers. == About Geogramblings == Kit Rackley (Geogramblings) spent 13 years as a Geography high-school teacher, and is now freelancing as an educational blogger, author, speaker & trainer. They are a consultant to the Geographical Association (UK) and work through the University of East Anglia to raise aspirations of young people to Higher Education. Kit's projects include the educational blog, communicating issues through performing arts, the Coffee & Geography podcast and many community-based initiatives.

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