Cathy Mahon Life Lessons with Horses


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In this episode I speak with Cathy Mahon from Life Lesson with Horses. Cathy has a wonderful story of her life so far and how her many years in teaching have brought her to horses and assisting and supporting people in life lessons as a coach, using her herd to help people find their way in life and so much more. Cathy has an incredible list of skills in her toolbox, one of my favourites is the Centred Riding created by Sally Swift. She has also done some Alexander Technique, liberty horsemanship, dressage and women’s empowerment. She has attended more horsemanship clinics than I could possibly mention. Now Cathy uses all of her skill that she has acquired through her years of learning and education, to her passion, which is, being a teacher and allowing you to live the life of your dreams. To connect with Cathy you can go to her WebsiteNew WebsiteFacebookInstagram

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