Forever Chemicals, made by humans are now threatening their very own existence - The deadly PFAS


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They say that diamonds are forever, they say some friendships are forever. But unlike diamonds, friendships, and these emotional bonds, there are some chemical bonds which are forever as well, and they are highly dangerous. They are cancerous, they can reduce our responses to vaccines, limit our growth, increase the level of cholesterol in our bodies, and can put us at a risk of heart diseases. In short, these chemicals can shorten our life span, and ironically these chemicals are called Forever chemicals.

Forever Chemicals are raining on us and further contributing towards the climate disaster. As part of the evaporation process, these harmful chemicals are being cycled through environment and effecting each and every inch of space on earth. Along with this carbon emission danger, this another carbon-fluorine variant has added more to our struggle for fighting against the climate change.




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