My Life Plan: The 6 Areas in Which I Set Goals for 2021


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This is the last episode of the year 2020, as well as the last of Season 1.
I would like to thank all the listeners of the podcast, I greatly appreciate your support.
This episode is to be listened in 3 parts:

  • I share 2020 achievements on the podcast
  • I share with you the 6 areas in which I build my life plan
  • I share my plans for 2021 on the podcast (there will be a break!)

There are 6 areas in which I build my life plan:

  1. love
  2. family and close friends
  3. physical health
  4. mental health
  5. business
  6. finances

These are the main things that will happen next year:

  • A 6-weeks break between season 1 and season 2
  • More series will come up during season 2
  • the weekly frequency of episodes publishing remains
  • I will try to have consulting clients on the show

Thank you again and I see you next year!!
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