Police Under Attack


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At 8:58pm on Thursday, July 7, 2016 during a protest and march in downtown Dallas, Texas, 12 police officers were shot by what was believed to be more than one gunman posted at elevated positions nearby. Sadly, 5 of those officers paid the ultimate price and lost their lives.

In this week's episode, we take a look at that tragedy while the wound is still fresh. Keith will talk about the current political climate of anti-police rhetoric and where we go from here. We will tackle the question, are there some bad cops out there? How do we handle these situations when people believe an officer involved shooting to be unjustified? Also, Keith will point out some of the good news that has emerged from this horrible incident. Scores of people are showing their support for their police. An outpouring of love and backing is beginning to emerge from citizens of all races and ethnicities. Could this be the beginning of healthy dialogue and healing? We can only hope.

As we continue to pray for the full recovery of the the 7 wounded officers, This episode is dedicated to the memory of the 5 fallen officers whose lives were tragically ended on Thursday:

Officer Brent Thompson, Dallas Area Rapid Transit PD

Officer Patrick Zamarripa, Dallas PD

Officer Michael Krol, Dallas PD

Sergeant Michael Smith, Dallas PD

Sr. Corporal Lorne Ahrens, Dallas PD

I would also like to give credit to Dallas Police Department Chief of Police David Brown who led his department valiantly throughout this ordeal. He deserves a lot of respect and credit for having the guts to make the decision to eliminate the suspect by use of a robot carrying explosives. He has taken some heat for that from various groups and individuals with extreme views. He has earned my respect and support for sticking to his decision and boldly claiming that he would do it again if the same situation were to arise. My hats off to you Chief Brown. Well Done Sir!


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