Miss Piggy, Cup Noodle and The Future of AI Collabs with Sara Strickler


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WOWOWOW welcome to 2023!

Shout out to all my hobbyists listening, this episode is for you because not all artists need to sell what they make and honestly the hobbyists make up the majority of my listeners so I was stoked to have that conversation represented here too.

Sara Strickler is today’s guest and she is from Virginia, but currently lives on a small island called Alameda in the Bay Area and works by day as a designer for Nest. In her free time she’s an incredible stained glass artist. She’s actually one of the many great talents coming out of Dan Grimaldi’s shop in San Francisco called Cradle of the Sun.

Truth be told I had a really hard time naming this episode because we cover everything from her love and appreciation for Cup Noodle, the meaning of being a hobbyist and even Miss Piggie at a rave in Berlin in 1992. Or as a yogi cult guru. Wait what? You’ll have to keep listening to find out what I mean…

Join me as I crack it all wide open!!
To see more of Sara’s work her instagram is @_sarastrickler_

For the Patreon members Sara has generated another custom pattern just for us so we can all partake in an AI collaboration! We are so excited to see all of your interpretations so please please tag us in your finished products.

Honorable mentions from this episode:
Cup Noodle Museum


Cradle of The Sun link

https://www.cradleofthesun.com/Brad pusher tool

The nails will vary based on the depth of the window casings, but they will be something like this:

Favorite artists

David Sheid

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