#38 Eliot Peper on Life's Unexpected Paths


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Life unfolds in unexpected ways. Eliot Peper has been a frequent guest, and at times, even a co-host of the show. We've followed his story since his first novel came out.

And today, Eliot's 8th book has been released: Bandwidth

Listening back to those early interviews, it's really amazing to watch Eliot's path unfolding. So many times in life, it's easy to look back with the benefit of hindsight and connect the dots after the fact. But to listen to those interviews captures a journey in a way that's otherwise impossible to predict.

And where he's currently ended up is quite impressive. His latest novel reached #4 in the ENTIRE AMAZON KINDLE STORE. Not just the category of science fiction, but the whole store. And now he's signed a 3 book deal with Amazon to publish his latest trilogy. It's an incredibly impressive track record Eliot is putting together.

And incredibly difficult to have predicted ahead of time. If people could have predicted, they would have been lining up in 2014 to represent him.

So if you are currently unable to get anyone to notice your great work, take this story as inspiration. Your story hasn't finished yet. So much lies ahead if you just keep at it.

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