Natalie Nagele: CEO of Wildbit


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Having previously developed Postmark as well as Beanstalk, entrepreneur Natalie Nagele (@natalienagele) joins me for a light-hearted, honest and open conversation about the process of building Wildbit, a fully self-funded, hybrid software company.

In this episode, we mention:

  • Deep work
  • Leadership in business
  • Loneliness in remote work
  • Hard work vs. Smart work
  • Fundraising and profitability
  • Meditation and mental clarity
  • Building a meaningful business
  • Remote work, in the early days
  • Values, and their constant evolution
  • Productivity software that can do more harm than good


(04:57) What is Wildbit? How did it start off?

(09:32) Pioneering remote work: Pros and Cons

(17:24) Slack, and anxiety: the effects of micro-managing expectations

(22:58) Remote work: how big of an issue is loneliness?

(26:17) Which should you do: work hard or smart?

(32:13) Fundraising, VC control, and Profits

(37:01) Meditation: Natalie's practice, and company culture

(43:50) How is writing therapeutic?

(46:47) How procrastination obstructs your mental space

(50:11) 'Trillion Dolar Coach', and the lost secret of leadership

(55:50) Technological innovation: what is next?

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