1923 FBF: The California Drought & Zillow’s Newest Statistics on the United States Real Estate Market


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Today's Flashback Friday is from episode 496, published last March 30, 2015.

Jason Hartman sits down one on one with his audience to talk about a couple of important things in the real estate market. He talks about why creative real estate investing is not beneficial to his clients, he also talks about Merrill Lynch's annual report on retirees, California's drought problem and why it matters to the rest of the US, and much more on today's Creating Wealth show.

Key Takeaways:

1:10 – Can you believe we're almost at our 500 episodes?

5:00 – Jason shares his story about a creative real estate 'guru' and why creative real estate is not practical for his clients.

5:05 – Big corporations must have a budget just to pay government fines.

20:20 – Jason touches on the subject of the water problem in California.

27:05 – Jason breaks down how much water it takes to grow a single vegetable, nut, and fruit.

31:30 – Zillow came out with four interesting statistics about the United States real estate market.

39:10 – Remember to sign up to Jason Hartman's Memphis tour at JasonHartman.com

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