77 - Sam Baxter


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What would make your city more liveable/loveable? - http://dundeedesignfestival.com Fun a Day Dundee Website - https://funadaydundee.wordpress.com/ Fun a Day Dundee Twitter - https://twitter.com/faddundee?lang=en Fun a Day Dundee Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/funadaydundee/ Sam’s Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sambaxterart/ Sam’s Website - https://sambaxterart.co.uk/ Sam’s Twitter - https://twitter.com/sambaxter10?lang=en Sam is an artist and has found herself running Fun a Day Dundee. Starting each year for the month of January Fun a Day encourages people to do something creative for 31days in a row, culminating in an exhibition at Wasps studios in March. Fun a Day is a fantastic project making art much more accessible to everyone. It also offers everyone a brilliant opportunity to exhibit their work. Whether you’re brand new to it or it’s your day job, the project encourages the ritual repetition over 31days allowing you to practice and hone something. It’s a little difficult to describe as the scope is so broad it can really be anything to anyone which is great. I was really spurred to hear that Sam runs the only Fun a Day in the UK. The concept started in America with artists trying to refine their practice but despite the great idea it doesn’t seem to have spread over here. Sam talks about how she’s had engagement from people all over Scotland as her audience and participants grow each year. With 70 contributors last year and undoubtedly more this year I think it’s crucial that she is able to secure some financial back for it. Fingers crossed that it happens for her this year because she is running a fantastic project with real tangible benefits. I can’t encourage you enough to go and get involved. It’s way better than making a New Year’s resolution that you’ll never keep.

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