Club Cricket is returning - the FREE Slate App a great way to collect match day subs


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Less contact than contactless. Slate. The smart and safe way to collect weekly match fees and more. Matthew Jackson explains all.
Download the app FREE at
Safe and less contact than contactless
Plus contactless doesn’t allow tracking of who has played and who has paid
Collect more money for the club
Increase revenue for your club by reducing unpaid match fees
Finding treasurers isn’t easy
Slate makes the job much easier for treasurers
No sign-up fees or contract commitment
Just a small fee per transaction
Fairer on captains and players
No more subsidising non-payers and less hassle for captains and players
Get set up in minutes
Quick and easy to set up – or we can do it for you
Use Slate to collect money for anything
Slate is the perfect way to pay for annual subs, yellow/red cards, winter nets, social events, tours and more

Focus on taking the club forward
Free up volunteer time – spend less time collecting money and more on other club matters

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