Episode 15 - The Horrific Murder of Junko Furuta & The Tatonic Parkway Accident


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The murder of Furuta Junko contains graphic sexual assault and is extremely disturbing. Please listen with caution.
In this episode, Erika covers the tragic abduction and murder of Furuta Junko. Furuta was held captive in a Minato, Tokyo residence for 40 days. During this time she was brutalized, raped and tortured. The group responsible also invited their friends over to participate.
Erika pulled her sources from:
Then Amber covers the tragic Tatonic Parkway accident. Suburban mom, Diane Schuler drove a minivan the wrong way down the Tatonic Parkway in upstate New York and crashed head on with an SUV, killing herself and 7 others. Diane was found to have a BAC of 1.9 at the time of the accident, but some of her family members maintain that the toxicology report can't be correct.
3 of the 8 killed were Diane's nieces
8 year old Emma Hance
7 year old Alyson Hance
5 year old Katie Hance
You can honor their memory through the organization founded by their parents, Warren & Jackie Hance at:
Amber pulled her sources from:
HBO Documentary "There is Something Wrong with Aunt Diane" Directed by Liz Garbus

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