Ed Kemper


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Ed Kemper is a notorious serial killer who was given many different monikers. The Co-ed Butcher, the Ogre of Aptos, and the most well-known, the Co-ed Killer, are all names that have been assigned to Kemper. Ed Kemper had a troubled childhood, and over the years, he developed an intense hatred toward his mother. This hatred seems to be the driving factor in many of his crimes.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the infamous Ed Kemper. Ed killed his grandparents at a young age and was released when he was 21 years old. At 6'9", he was a very imposing figure. But, he managed to coax many young women into his car under the guise of giving them a ride. He murdered and dismembered many young women, and then he turned on his mother and one of her friends. The murders were shocking, but it's what Ed Kemper did with the bodies that made his crimes even more bizarre.

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