Educational Technologies in Refugee Camps


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Educational technologies and online learning have received a lot of attention lately, as schools worldwide shifted to remote delivery. But for children and youth in refugee camps, access to education has long been embedded in digital technologies, presenting unique opportunities, and big challenges, for teaching and learning. In this episode, Dr. Sara Grimes (Director of the KMDI) chats with Dr. Negin Dahya, a professor at the University of Toronto, and the lead investigator on the Portraits of Education Change: Redefining Pedagogy & Technology in Refugee Camps project: an international research collaboration examining how technologies are being used by students, teachers, and communities in refugee camps to mediate, facilitate, and support teaching and learning in varied, social, and peer-to-peer ways.
Type of research discussed in today’s episode: education studies, media studies, feminist research methods, critical race theory, postcolonial theory.
Keywords for today’s episode: educational technologies, ecological systems model, learning contexts, youth as information mediators.

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