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30+ year cruise industry veteran & popular Hotel Director Robert Taggart shares fun stories from the past, his experience at sea during Covid-19, and great advice for crew looking to move their way up the management chain.

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Show notes:
0:01 - Welcome & Intro: Episode 9
Mike & Mitch share information on the Executive Committee onboard and introduce our guest, veteran Hotel Director, Robert Taggart.
4:05 - Robert discusses his journey and how he achieved the position of Hotel Director with Royal Caribbean.

6:20 - Robert shares his proudest memory at sea.

8:28 - Any advice or words of wisdom for new Hotel Directors or potential young managers who are looking to work their way up?
Robert is known for being very popular with both guests and crew and we wanted to get his advice for young aspiring managers and upcoming HD's. Our favourite quote from Robert "You can't be friends with everyone, but you can be friendly with everyone".
11:00 - What does a Hotel Director do? Differences between land and ship based?
Some guests and crew don’t always know what the Hotel Director does. Robert explains a little about his role and why some crew be scared or intimidated by a Hotel Director. Also Robert shares how the job of Hotel Director onboard a ship versus a hotel on land differ.

13:35 - Could you see a Cruise Director transitioning to Hotel Director one day?
Most Hotel Directors come from a Food & Beverage background. Robert is asked about a Cruise Director progressing to the HD role.
17:15 - Robert shares a few stories from his time on ships and some of the best pranks fun may have happened.

21:40 - Robert walks us through a typical “Day at Sea” morning for a Hotel Director.

23:05 - Robert shares how many more years he has left on ships and what long-term plans after life at sea.
24:15 - Rapid Fire fun

25:58 - Thank you Robert!
26:40 - Mike & Mitch wrap up the show - Special shout-out!
Happy Birthday Carolyn Scieszka on May 31st

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