Solving the Kristaps Problem, Everything is Bad and This is Why, Real or Fake League Leaders


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We had a pretty deep and lengthy conversation about Kristaps Porzingis and what's going on with him. We talk about the issues, the defense, the offense, possible solutions, his long-term outlook, and whether or not the Mavericks should trade him. We cover pretty much everything with each of us taking opposite sides of the debate. We also grade the Dallas Mavericks through their first 20 games of the season and play games of Buy or Sell, Real or Fake League Leaders, and Something, Nothing, or Everything. Timestamps below.

(3:11) Buy or Sell Predictions (3PT shooting, defense, effort and the losing streak)

(12:28) Real or Fake League Leaders

(22:33) The Definitive Kristaps Porzingis Discussion

(44:38) Something, Nothing, or Everything

(52:42) Game Predictions

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