How “I’ll Google It” Kept Me Broke


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I was sitting at my computer with 1 million tabs open on my internet browser (not that many, but you get it) because I was trying to find many answers to many questions to bring the vision I had to life.

You see, I’m the type of person who has an “I’ll figure it out attitude” and that attitude has served me in many areas of my life, but it stifled me when I began creating my online dance business.

Millions of tabs open turned into many hours down rabbit holes, which turned into copious notes, and ultimately... what the f*** am I doing?!

The problem I found with my ego driven, fear based “I’ll Google it” mentality is that I was getting a lot of different perspectives on how to do the “thing.”

And what I needed, what I really wanted was clear direction and guidance; someone to talk to me and explain things.

I wanted a safe space of patience and kindness. I wanted to be taught and coached through the next steps I should take and why.

I basically was trying to make Google my mentor.

In episode #143 of the Dance Boss Podcast, I dive deeper into this.

I realized what I was not willing to spend in money to hire a mentor I was spending in time, peace of mind, and confidence.

When I started to put my faith in people instead of Google, my business and vision for life began unfolding right before my eyes.

So tell me, are you putting your faith in google or people? And how’s it working for you? Hit me up on IG @erinpride and lmk.

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