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In 1985, a musical journey began that would lead to the birth of DJ Scott Durand. The discovery of the music coming out of Europe; New Wave/Electro bands like New Order and Depeche Mode, the early industrial sounds of Nitzer Ebb and, with Front 242, he was a witness to the birth of what would come to be known as EBM. Growing up in this atmosphere of new music and inspirational artists, it was little wonder that he began a 30+ year career that allowed him to bring all the new music and developing genres to the dancefloors. He drew inspiration from what he heard coming out on one of the founding American industrial labels, Wax Trax, but in 1999 he developed a unquenchable thirst for the EBM and Futurepop genres when Ronan Harris and his band, VNV Nation, released their legendary CD "Empires" His passion for and pursuit of the latest cutting edge sounds never ceased. One of his largest opportunities for exposure was when he travelled as the music director for a Houston based nightclub company for over a decade. His interest in giving “unknown” bands exposure to a new fan base led to the development of his weekly internet radio show, “Dark Indulgence”, which features the latest releases and pre-release world premier tracks from some of the top names, as well as many previously “undiscovered” bands, of the Industrial, EBM & Synthpop genres. "Dark Indulgence" has become one of the most successful Industrial mixshows on Mixcloud, charting in the Top 5 on the Industrial, Dark and Synthpop charts each week for 2017-2018, and has frequently reached Number 1!

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