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On discovering a Ouija board engraved into a family heirloom, Flick is determined to claim her lost inheritance, no matter the cost.
The 11th Hour audio challenge is an annual celebration of audio drama. People from different audio drama podcast groups come together to collaborate on short plays, produced in the month of October, in time for Halloween. Dashing Onions Audio were part of the team on Upstairs Upstairs... and we hope you enjoy it!
UPSTAIRS UPSTAIRS, written and directed by Fiona Thraille
Please click here for the transcript.
Emily Snyder as Flick
Draco Aleksander as Neil
Sascha Cooper as Gemma
Fiona Thraille as Donna
Karim Kronfli as Tomas
Emmett Moon as Matt
Pete Lutz as the announcer
The Dialogue Editor was Gavin Byrne
Sound Design and Production by Andrew Wardlaw
Upstairs Upstairs was produced for The 11th Hour Production Challenge 2020. Go to their site to check out the other plays this year.
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