DK_en 1x05 - Attack of the Algojerks


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Do you, like me, have the impression that things are somehow accelerating? As if we were on a car careening downhill with no brakes --and no driver either?
Seems to me, the brazenness with which Silicon Valley is churning out its "solutions" (often to nobody's problems) is fast reaching its slobness.
Am I overreacting? Facebook wants our nude pics in advance, to better protect us against revenge porn; the industry (industry!) of workplace surveillance is out of control; and Google preemptively censors us if an algorithm decides one of *our* Google Docs may be violating the law.
How do you call all this? John Naughton on the Guardian very Britishly wrote of a half-educated digital elite.
I call it the attack of the algojerks.

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