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The World Is Listening ToDAVE RABBITAre You?”Dave Rabbit”, the “Godfather Of Pirate Radio”, welcomes you to "The Rabbit Zone". So Fasten Your Seat Belts, bring your seats and tray tables to their Fully Upright Position, then bend over and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye, because the “Dave Rabbit” & “Radio First Termer” Pirate Radio Experience is an Extremely Dangerous & Bumpy Ride! Everything Here Is FREE To Enjoy & Share!DAVE RABBITLOVESJESSICA RABBITMilitary EntertainmentNetworkIn 2006, Dave Rabbit founded the Military Entertainment Network as a vehicle for Podcasters from around the world to join his cause to bring FREE quality entertainment to the men and women around the world in combat zones for the United States and her Allies. To date, over 1,000 Podcasters from almost every country in the world have joined Dave Rabbit in this cause.”We Entertain The Troops” A Tribute To My MentorBOB HOPE An NBC Tribute To TheBOB HOPECHRISTMAS SHOWSDAVE RABBIT HISTORYRadio First Termer was a Pirate Radio Station which broadcasted nightly from January 1, 1971 to January 21, 1971 in Saigon during the Vietnam War. Radio First Termer was hosted by on-air personality "Dave Rabbit", an anonymous United States Air Force sergeant. The two other members of the crew were known as "Pete Sadler" and "Nguyen".Dave Rabbit - 1971Dave Rabbit - Today”Dave Rabbit”, who is greatly considered as the Godfather of Pirate Radio and the first true “Shock Jock”, began his radio career in Vietnam working as a studio engineer for Radio Phan Rang. After three tours in Vietnam, "Dave Rabbit" and his friends launched Radio First Termer from a secret studio in a backroom of a Saigon brothel. The make-shift studio walls were lined with mattresses to deaden the sounds emanating from the brothel. The station broadcasted for a total of 63 hours over 21 nights (between January 1, 1971 to January 21, 1971). “Dave Rabbit” later admitted in an interview, that he was forced to stop broadcasting because he was fearful that his friends, who were protecting him and the show, were in imminent danger of getting in trouble by his base commander, who hated his show and suspected that someone was protecting him. The purpose of Radio First Termer, according to “Dave Rabbit”, was to "bring rock and roll to the troops on the front lines." The station played "hard acid rock" such as Steppenwolf, Bloodrock, Three Dog Night, Led Zeppelin, Sugarloaf, the James Gang, and Iron Butterfly, bands which were popular among the troops but largely ignored by the American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN). The music was mixed with antiwar commentary as well as skits poking fun at the U.S. Military, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, the Base Commander, just to name a few. Raunchy sex and drug oriented jokes were always a tremendous part of the nightly shows. “Dave Rabbit's” show also included a number of bits including “Tooth Picks In The Toilet”, the “Dave Rabbit Official Sweatshirt” and reading GI comments off the latrine walls across Vietnam.Although the frequency was always announced as FM69, “Dave Rabbit” has said in several interviews, in reality the show was broadcast over numerous frequencies. In addition to 69 MHz FM as selected by “Dave Rabbit”, the Radio Relay troops across Vietnam also broadcasted Radio First Termer over other frequencies, including 690 AM.In 1995 Will Snyder first posted sound clips from a Radio First Termer broadcast on the internet renewing interest in “Dave Rabbit” and Radio First Termer. In February 2006, after finding out that the surviving show was posted on the internet, "Dave Rabbit" came forward and told his story to several main stream media personalities including Corey Deitz with About Radio. Dave also did an interview with Director David Zeiger for a bonus feature on the DVD release of Sir! No Sir!, who had used some of his clips for the movie. Sir! No Sir!, was a Documentary Film dealing with G.I. counterculture and anti-war sentiment during the Vietnam era. On February 20, 2008, “Dave Rabbit” was interviewed on the Opie and Anthony Show from New York City. Opie and Anthony were long time Fans of “Dave Rabbit” and had come across their copy of the surviving 1971 show and tracked Dave down. Original clips from Dave's radio show were featured and continued the renewing interest in Radio First Termer and “Dave Rabbit”.September 30, 2006, “Dave Rabbit”, along with a new crew including “Charlie Cooper” and “Nadirah”, broadcasted a 35th Anniversary Show for the troops in Iraq. The complete show is available FREE on Pod-O-Matic on MP3's as well as the original 1971 Saigon, Vietnam Show.In a recent interview with Corey Deitz, "Dave Rabbit" was asked what has been his driving force and motivation since 2006. His reply was: "One of the biggest accomplishments is successfully making more and more people aware that "You Don't Have To Support A War, To Support The Troops". It has become my battle cry. As thousands of my brothers and sisters of the Vietnam War can attest, we were collateral damage when we came home and I have vowed never again to have another military man or woman be welcomed home the way we were".DAVE RABBIT”QUOTES” ”You Don’t Have To Support A War,To Support The Troops””War Is Not A Video Game,You Don’t Get Extra Lives””Freedom Isn’t Free””If Assholes Could Fly,This Place Would Be An Airport””If You Love Freedom,Thank A Soldier””And The HitsJust Keep On Coming””Peace & Love Baby Puppies””Cooking, With The Big 69””I Absolutely Love It””Who Gives A Rat’s Ass””What Are They Gonna Do?Send Me To Vietnam?””From The Gigantic 69. Vietnam’s Only Psychedelic, FM, Stereo, Multi-Plex Station””They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Ha, They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ho Ho, To The Funny Farm, Where Life Is Happy All The Time And Everyone Goes Sixty-Nine””Peace Through Prostitution”Subscribe To Dave Rabbit FREEWITH iTUNESSubscribe To Dave Rabbit FREEWITH RSS FEEDJOIN The Worldwide Dave RabbitFAN NETWORKJOIN The Worldwide Dave RabbitFRIEND NETWORK~ WARNING ~ Some Material ContainsMilitary Language & HumorListener Discretion Is Advised~ WARNING ~Radio First Termer40TH ANNIVERSARYVIDEOWATCH NOWRadio First TermerVietnam & Iraq Shows~ WARNING ~ Some Material ContainsMilitary Language & HumorListener Discretion Is Advised~ WARNING ~"One listening stayed with me, ingrained in my psyche forever. It was as close as I ever wanted to get to war. It thrilled and surprised me. It made me laugh, cry, and scared me shitless. It is cookin' 69, Dave Rabbit's Radio First Termer."David ClineRadio First Termer Restoration ProjectRestoration Project Home PageRadio First Termer Vietnam1971 SHOW SEGMENT 1 OF 4Radio First Termer Vietnam1971 SHOW SEGMENT 2 OF 4Radio First Termer Vietnam1971 SHOW SEGMENT 3 OF 4Radio First Termer Vietnam1971 SHOW SEGMENT 4 OF 4Radio First Termer Vietnam1971 SHOW BITS & GAGS ONLYRadio First Termer Iraq2006 SHOW SEGMENT 1 OF 6Radio First Termer Iraq2006 SHOW SEGMENT 2 OF 6Radio First Termer Iraq2006 SHOW SEGMENT 3 OF 6Radio First Termer Iraq2006 SHOW SEGMENT 4 OF 6Radio First Termer Iraq2006 SHOW SEGMENT 5 OF 6Radio First Termer Iraq2006 SHOW SEGMENT 6 OF 6Radio First Termer Iraq2006 SHOW BITS & GAGS ONLYRadio First Termer IraqDAVE RABBITLOST TIMING TEST SHOWRadio First Termer IraqIt’s About The Flag & The SoldierRadio First Termer IraqNadirah’s Green EyesRadio First Termer IraqDave Ponders SongsRadio First Termer IraqNadirah & Charlie Cooper In ActionRadio First Termer IraqDave Laughs At NadirahRadio First Termer IraqDave Dedicates A Song To POW/MIA’sRadio First Termer IraqCharlie Cooper In ActionRadio First TermerVietnam & Iraq Shows~ WARNING ~ Some Material ContainsMilitary Language & HumorListener Discretion Is Advised~ WARNING ~IN MEMORIANJIM BROOKSHIREFor JimThis is 14 Minutes and 35 Seconds of something that would forever change my life and tug at my heart and mind to this day. Memorial Day 1970 is just as vivid in my mind as it was then. I have put off doing this tribute, in my own words, for a long time because of the intense emotions that it brings out in me when I say the words and relive that experience of that fateful day. Jim Brookshire was my friend, my roommate and my military brother. His tragic death and the strange twist of fate that would allow me to live, was the inspiration for the creation of Radio First Termer in Saigon, Vietnam of that same year. Beginning with January 1, 1971 and for the 20 nights that would follow, Radio First Termer was my way of dealing with the death of Jim Brookshire and to honor the eventual 58,215 other brothers and sisters who would perish in Vietnam at an average age of 19. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do and required numerous takes on certain parts. Mine is simply one story. There are thousands of others just like it.Dave RabbitVIDEO VERSIONAUDIO VERSIONMedal Of Honor Tribute I’ll Stand By You Music VideoSoldier Video TributesRisking My LifeA Dave Rabbit & Snew Music VideoAn American SoldierWait For MeA Tribute To Wives & GirlfriendsGoodbye SaigonA Dave Rabbit & Billy JoelMusic VideoThe Great DefendersOf The USAPurple Heart PupsIt’s A Matter Of FriendshipHonor Flight Saluting OurWorld War II VeteransEvery Day Should BeVeteran’s DayWounded Warrior ProjectI’ll Stand By You Music VideoRoy P. BenevidezMedal Of Honor TributeRemembering Our War HeroesPast & PresentVietnam Life Music VideoI’m A Vietnam VeteranWelcome Home!A Soldiers Silent NightThe WallI Fought For You!Red, White & BlueKISS Salutes The TroopsA Soldier’s Plea – Remember Me!If I Were In VietnamA Curt Bozif VideoA Poet A DreamerGod Bless The USAGI’s Just Wanna Have FunFreedom Isn’t FreeA Day In “The Nam”A Vietnam Veteran TributeA Salute To Fallen SoldiersCalling All AngelsSoldiers Returning Home Surprising Loved OnesIf I Die Before You Wake3rd Grade Choir’sTribute To The SoldiersDave Rabbit’s VietnamWhy? We’re Americans!Remembering Jim BrookshireRobert HowardMedal Of Honor TributeEd FreemanMedal Of Honor TributeFuneral Liberty BellRemembering VietnamIt’s The Soldier24 Hours In VietnamA Texas Welcome HomeAn Airport Welcome HomeComing Home From WarDAVE RABBITHONORSSOUTH VIETNAM HEROESWATCH NOWDAVE RABBITINSTRUCTOR EMERITUS WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGEDave Rabbit Rants AboutOsama Bin Laden’s DeathVisit & Support NowThis documentary is something that is very personal to me and thousands of us who served and died in Vietnam. It is an amazing 9 Episode audio documentary that was sent to me from a Vietnam Historian and co-creator of this project who is also a big fan of the Radio First Termer Saigon Show. It is a journey that takes the listener from the hopeful dreams of President John F. Kennedy, to the bitter end on a rooftop of the American Embassy in 1975. Why did we not take what we learned in Vietnam to prevent the mistakes that would follow after in other battles and conflicts? Listen to these emotional stories of the troops themselves … then make your own conclusions. Through knowledge do we hope to understand.EPISODESPART 1 – Into The QuagmirePART 2 – Next Stop, VietnamPART 3 – America’s WarPART 4 – Fading LightPART 5 – Prisoner Of WarPART 6 – Dust OffPART 7 – Hamburger HillPART 8 – The Last RunPART 9 – A Day In “The Nam”Daryl Johnston, Diane Johnston& Dave RabbitThe Man Who SavedDAVE RABBIT’SLIFE Open Heart SurgeryJuly 12, 2011 Video Rabbit ZoneMUSIC SHOWSVRZ 01 – Paula Blade & LochinvarVRZ 02 – Band Mix 01VRZ 03 – Stevie Hill & BloodrockVRZ 04 – Band Mix 02VRZ 05 – Texas Blues CafeVRZ 06 – Band Mix 03VRZ 07 – David Carr, Jr.VRZ 08 – Band Mix 04VRZ 09 – Paul Fitz Beat FMVRZ 10 – Band Mix 05VRZ 11 – Allen DeanVRZ 12 – Band Mix 06VRZ 13 – 100 Year PicnicVRZ 14 – Band Mix 07VRZ 15 – George Hrab InterviewVRZ 16 – Band Mix 08VRZ 17 – Phil Hewson VRZ 18 – Band Mix 09VRZ 19 – Sleeping DervishVRZ 20 – Ramin StreetsVRZ 21 – Cage 9VRZ 22 – 60 Second CrushVRZ 23 – Absolution ProjectVRZ 24 – 3 Legged DoggVRZ 25 – AMPSEXVRZ 26 – American HeartbreakVRZ 27 – AngelVRZ 28 – Anti-HeroVRZ 29 – After SonVRZ 30 – Johnny YellowheelVRZ 31 – AnaDiesVRZ 32 – Art LintonVRZ 33 – ISSAVRZ 34 – Atomic BrotherVRZ 35 – Babylon BombsVRZ 36 – Ben VegaVRZ 37 – Black FuriesVRZ 38 – BlaxeedVRZ 39 – BodiesVRZ 40 – Brand Of HeroVRZ 41 – Brand New SinVRZ 42 – Bred Of DeceitVRZ 43 – Carmine AppiceVRZ 44 – CanoblissVRZ 45 – Canto 6VRZ 46 – CactusVRZ 47 – Chiba-KenSave Our SoulsVRZ 48 – C.O.C.K.Citizens Of Contrary KnowledgeVRZ 49 – Crash AnthemVRZ 50 – Craving StrangeVRZ 51 – CrossfireVRZ 52 – David PowersVRZ 53 – DC4VRZ 54 – Dead Against The RestVRZ 55 – DecadenzeVRZ 56 – Will Woodrow ProjectVRZ 57 – Deep PurpleVRZ 58 – Desired Response TheoryVRZ 59 – Die ZeitgeistVRZ 60 – Dirty LooksVRZ 61 – Dirty RigVRZ 62 – Dogs BollocksVRZ 63 – Dollar SentVRZ 64 – Ashley PerryVRZ 65 – DownstreamVRZ 66 – Dozen Dead RosesVRZ 67 – Dream RealVRZ 68 – Drew VicsVRZ 69 – Drunk On PowerVRZ 70 – Easton LegacyVRZ 71 – Echo Of SoulsVRZ 72 – FissureVRZ 73 – Fluid BoysVRZ 74 – Four Trips AheadVRZ 75 – FreakhouseVRZ 76 – Funny MoneyVRZ 77 – ENOSVRZ 78 – Sleeping DervishVRZ 79 – Gate SevenVRZ 80 – GATJAVRZ 81 – Roman TrafficVRZ 82 – Venus CasinoVRZ 83 – GravelVRZ 84 – Hand HoneyVRZ 85 – BlaxeedVRZ 86 – HeadmanVRZ 87 – HeadrushVRZ 88 – HelixVRZ 89 – Lacuna CoilVRZ 90 – Lady White NoiseVRZ 91 – Laws Of GravityVRZ 92 – Leaf HoundVRZ 93 – Lillian AxeVRZ 94 – Lita FordVRZ 95 – Lowlife SinnersVRZ 96 – LucidVRZ 97 – Mad MargrittVRZ 98 – Marya RoxxVRZ 99 – Matt MooreVRZ 100 – 2010 Top 10 SongsVRZ 101 – Mere EdgeVRZ 102 – Moisture FuelVRZ 103 – Nick BlackVRZ 104 – Opus DaiVRZ 105 – Out Of The ColdVRZ 106 – Pan.a.ce.aVRZ 107 – Panic CellVRZ 108 – Pilfa Confession BoxVRZ 109 – PortalVRZ 110 – PriapismVRZ 111 – RevolveVRZ 112 – Rising ConvictionVRZ 113 – Rocket City RiotVRZ 114 – RollerVRZ 115 – SeasonStreamVRZ 116 – Sex & PatriotismVRZ 117 – Sick PorkyVRZ 118 – SinchVRZ 119 – Sinister GrinVRZ 120 – Six Ounce GlovesVRZ 121 – Sixty Miles DownVRZ 122 – SmeerVRZ 123 – SnewVRZ 124 – SoulSeekerVRZ 125 – Sound Breaking GroundVRZ 126 – Spider RocketsVRZ 127 – SteriogramVRZ 128 – StripwiredVRZ 129 – Strut McFearsonVRZ 130 – Stryck9VRZ 131 – SukusVRZ 132 – The KilldaresVRZ 133 – Theory Of A DeadmanVRZ 134 – SuperSuckersVRZ 135 – The Accident ExperimentVRZ 136 – The Golden GodsVRZ 137 – The Maudlin HoundsVRZ 138 – 2011 Top 10 SongsA Tribute To”FIRST LOVES”WATCH NOWLochinvarCage 93 Legged DoggBe A Dave RabbitGUARDIAN ANGELWATCH NOWNew Country ArtistASHLEY PERRYAshley Perry Interview ShowAshley Perry Music VideoLove Me Like You ShouldAshley Perry Music VideoPanama BeachWOODSTOCKTHE MUSICWOODSTOCK – PART 1WOODSTOCK – PART 2WOODSTOCK – PART 3WOODSTOCK – PART 4Michael JacksonA Celebration Of His LifeDave RabbitMUSIC VIDEOSJenniferBeautiful BabyThe Rabbit GirlsPUSSY GALOREHonor Blackman InterviewBond Girl “Pussy Galore”ROONEY MARAZOOEY DESCHANELNAOMI WATTSRACHEL NICHOLSHEATHER MORRISNAYA RIVIERAOLIVIA WILDECRYSTAL HARRISREBECCA ROMIJNLUCY PUNCHIMOGEN POOTSASTRID BERGES-FRISBEYERIKA ELENIAKJENNIFER LAWRENCEGINNIFER GOODWINSARAH JANE MORRISABBIE CORNISHVANESSA HUDGENSCHRISTY ROMANOAMBER HEARDIZABELLA MIKOJESSICA SIMPSONPIPPA BLACKDITA VON TEESELIV TYLEREMILY BLUNTJENNIFER FERRINLAURIE HOLDENLEIGHTON MEESTERSTEPHANIE SZOSTAKMIRA SORVINOEVA HABERMANNALICIA SILVERSTONEMAGGIE GYLLENHAALMAGGIE LAWSONEMMA WATSONSTANA KATICJENNIFER MORRISONKYLIE MINOGUEBRYCE DALLAS HOWARDALEXIS DZIENADANIELA RUAHCHRISTINA AGUILERACECILE DeFRANCEREESE WITHERSPOONEWA SONNETEMMA STONEANNE HATHAWAYAMANDA BYNESALYSON MICHALKAGWYNETH PALTROWELISABETTA CANALISKELLY MONACOHOLLY WEBERDENISE MILANIASHLEY GREENEBROOKLYN DECKERLUCY PINDERBROOKE BURKEADRIANA LIMAMALIN AKERMANRENEE ZELLWEGERCHANDRA WESTMARISOL NICHOLSRHONA MITRASKYLER SAMUELSKIELE SANCHEZMORGAN FAIRCHILDLIZ HURLEYMILLA JOVOVICHALI LARTERSOFIA VERGARAELIZABETH SHUEBIJOU PHILLIPSVIOLANTE PLACIDONICKI AYCOXJORDANA BREWSTERKELLY HUPAMPITAMONICA ANTONOPULOSLUISANA LOPILATODELFINA GEREZ BOSCODINA MEYERPIPER PERABOKATE BOSWORTHPAZ VEGAODETTE YUSTMANMONICA BELLUCCILAYLA KAYLEIGHKRISTEN BELLEMMANUELLE CHRIQUIKELLY BROOKMARISA MILLERKEELEY HAZELLAISHWARYA RAIJOANNA KRUPAJENNIFER HAWKINSMIRANDA KERRJANUARY JONESMARIA MENOUNOSJAMIE-LYNN SIGLERERIN ANDREWSDIANE KRUGERCATE BLANCHETTALESSANDRA AMBROSIOGILLIAN ANDERSONKELLIE PICKLERNOUREEN DeWULFCHRISTINA MOOREABIGAIL SPENCERJOANNE KELLYANGELINA JOLIEANGIE HARMONSASHA ALEXANDERLEVEN RAMBINJENNIFER ANISTONEMILY ROSEELIZABETH BANKSMADISON RILEYSANDRA BULLOCKHAYDEN PANETTIEREHEATHER GRAHAMKELLY CUOCOMISSY PEREGRYMSALMA HAYEKPENELOPE CRUZCOTE de PABLOJESSICA ALBASARAH GADONLAUREN GERMANELISHA CUTHBERTJESSICA BIELJENNIFER CONNELLYNICOLE KIDMANCAMERON DIAZJENNIFER LOVE HEWITTJENNIFER LOPEZKATE LANG JOHNSONAMBER CLAYTONCARRIE UNDERWOODDIANNA AGRONSHANNYN SOSSAMONLEA MICHELEJENNY WADEROSE BYRNEKATHARINE McPHEEELISABETH HARNOISGEMMA ARTERTONEVANGELINE LILLYLAURA VANDERVOORTLYNDSY FONSECAZOE SALDANAJEWEL STAITECHRISTINA HENDRICKSCHARLIZE THERONMORENA BACCARINALESSANDRA 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