Coming Soon: Collapse of Federal Debt and the U.S. Dollar


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April 9, 2020: As COVID-19 and "Lockdown Fever" grip the United States, virtually every response the Federal government can offer involves spending tons of money. They're sending stimulus checks to taxpayers and subsidizing businesses seen as essential, like banks and airlines. As usual, the government is spending money it doesn't have and never will. It couldn't even live within its means in the good times, and now, in the bad times, Federal debt is set to explode. In this episode, Glenn Campbell explores what will happen when Federal debt reaches its saturation point. Right now, desperate investors are eager to buy any bond the government issues, because it is seen as the least-worst place to put their money, but an insatiable market can't go on forever. Eventually, the Federal reserve must step in, buying bonds from the market and issuing new currency. This flood of new money will eventually result in massive inflation, even if it isn't evident today. Glenn predicts that by the end of 2020, inflation will resemble that of the 1970s, and hyperinflation could be next. In clear and simple terms, he explains how money printing works and why it can't be stopped. — Website: — Instagram & Twitter: @DemographicDoom — See the video version of this episode for notes, comments & corrections: [ep 39, 9 April 2020]

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