Destination Linux 191: GNOME 3.38 & Our Must Have Linux Apps!


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Destination Linux 191: GNOME 3.38 & Our Must Have Linux Apps! - Hosted by Ryan, Noah & Michael

The DL Triforce brings to your our Must Have Linux Apps, the applications and software we can't live without. We discuss the latest big GNOME release with GNOME 3.38. In the Gaming section this week we reveal our new DLN Xonotic Server and show you a way to get some table-top gaming back in action on Linux. Later in the show we'll give you our popular tips/tricks and software picks. Plus so much more, coming up right now on Destination Linux.

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Topics covered in this episode:

Full Show Notes (for links and such)

00:00 = Coming up on DL191
00:34 = New Intro Music (thoughts?)
00:42 = Welcome to Destination Linux!
00:58 = What Noah has been up to
04:14 = What Michael has been up to
06:44 = DLN News: Sudo Show Live Q&A Event
07:17 = What Ryan has been up to
07:49 = Discussion on Netflix's The Social Dilemma
12:32 = Digital Ocean - VPS / Cloud Hosting ( )
14:08 = Community Feedback: FISH as default instead of Bash / ZSH from Tracey
17:05 = News: GNOME 3.38 Released
21:58 = Security Advisory: Don't Trust Public WiFis
23:13 = Bitwarden - Password Manager ( )
24:19 = Our Must Have Linux Apps
43:32 = Gaming: DLN Xonotic Server!
44:20 = Gaming: Fantasy Grounds Unity
47:36 = Tip of the Week: /opt
51:10 = Software Spotlight: Bandwich
52:45 = Become a Patron to Join the Patron Post Show
53:34 = DLN Merch at
54:14 = Join The DLN Community
54:53 = Go To DestinationLinux.Network
55:08 = The Journey Itself . . .
55:18 = Explaining Who "Ted" Is

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