Ep. 17 Jake Mannix - Self-Professed Math Nerd Physicist turned AI Engineer


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Jake Mannix is currently the Data Architect of Search Relevance at Salesforce. In other words, he's an AI Engineer. Jake lives in the intersection of search, recommender-systems, and applied machine learning, with an eye for horizontal scalability and distributed systems. Prior to his current position, Jake was the Lead Data Engineer in the Office of the CTO at Lucidworks.

In college, Jake studied algebraic topology and particle cosmology. He's ABD ("all but dissertation") from the University of Washington before transitioning into technology.

Some of Jakes previous accomplishments

  • Built out LinkedIn’s search engine
  • At Twitter, built user/account search system and lead that team before creating the Personalization and Interest Modeling team.
  • Apache Mahout committer, PMC Member (and former PMC Chair).

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