Data Analytics and Other Technology Trends with ARC Advisory Group and Baker Hughes


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In this podcast, ARC Vice President Craig Resnick talks with Baker Hughes’ Michelle Rosinski, Senior Product Manager of Services, Nexus Controls, to discuss the role of data analytics in industrial control applications.
The podcast will cover an explanation of the different kinds of data analytics being used in conjunction with industrial control applications today, examples of how each type of data analytics may be used in relation to industrial control systems, and the impact of COVID on data analytics and other related technology trends in industrial control applications. The podcast will also cover advice for workers, such as operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel looking to prepare for the future with these new technologies, including the impact of autonomous operations.
There are also suggestions for how someone could start to learn about these technologies and ideas regarding what additional value-add tasks workers might be expected to perform in the future. The podcast will also discuss how augmented reality and virtual reality are being used in industrial control applications and their impact, as well as other important issues around technology trends in industrial control applications, some examples of how each of these trends may be applied, and the impact these trends may have on someone who may not be as familiar with these concepts.
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