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Andrew Kilgallen is one of the co-founders and CFO of Covid Interns. Graduating from Economics and Finance in UCD last Summer, he joined his college friends Rob Muldowney and Paddy Ryder as they finished their final exams and looked around at the bleak employment prospects facing many of their peers, and sought to do something about it. Since then, Covid Interns has helped successfully partner 150 students and businesses in roles spanning from New York to Singapore, in areas equally as diverse, from digital marketing, to software engineering, to finance and NGO roles. With all 6 members of the team engaged in either full-time employment or education, they spend their evenings and weekends seeking to improve the employment opportunities available to recent graduates and students, as well as offering a helping hand to Irish SMEs as they look to adapt to a business trading environment which has been upended by the pandemic.

The emergence of remote working has been instrumental in their operating model, and has been hugely helpful in mobilizing students and graduates with organisations that require flexible, predominantly short-term, inexpensive help on projects which deliver mutual value.

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