Episode 146 - Tushes and Taxonomy


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Here's a phrase for ya, Binomial nomenclature. Nomenclature is such a good word too. Starts with "nom" even. Anyway, the cast talks about animals quite a bit in this one. Definition of rodents and what not. Also, cute little John Butt. Damnit Ivana.

Thanks for tuning in, we hope your hearing hasn't suffered terribly. Ivana, @arcanevice, is the intoxicated train conductor, trying terribly to stay on the rails. Mollie, @MollieMM9, is just trying to enjoy her dang beer. John, @absurdistKolbold, is sighing heavily with disappointment and Forrest, @walk6070, is a hunk of burnin' love. Kaleigh, @kleeeee is cronching on some protein. Don't forget to rate us on iTunes if you like us and check out our patreon to make us do weird things.

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