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This podcast is not so much as a share of my points of view on education as a discussion of education with anyone who hear this podcast. I really thank it for letting my voice be heard by more people. The current education is not yet a benefit for all people, but we never give up improving it. We argued, struggled and even sacrificed, for a better education. Time has been different, so are our views on education. I believe that any improvement is made by "standing on the shoulders of Giants" instead of turning down the imperfect giants. Therefore, I respect the Giants' work and I am grateful to them for their continuous work on a better education and their efforts which were not just for their generations but the future. Now as we live in their future and enjoy their efforts, we should follow their steps and take actions for our future. Thanks for your listening! Please feel free to leave your comments and/or opinions to andiemarcle@gmail.com

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