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I originally started to learn how to DJ in 1991 at the age of 11 and my first DJ name was DJ Hogie (Don't ask) I first linked up with some of my old crew and we use to DJ at house parties all around Northampton. I then became part of a local sound system in 1997 and I was given the name DJ Skratch. I was a Garage and House DJ for the sound system. We DJ'd around Northampton including the Social club which has now been knocked down. Since moving on From the sound system I started DJing with a Friend at a local bar and to this very day I still DJ around town. It's fair to say DJING has changed since I first started So I became a digital DJ in 2006 but it was like learning how to DJ all over again! I moved to Spain with my Family in 2007 and still managed to get some bookings, it was nothing massive but it was nice to DJ at a pool party knowing it wasn't going to rain and I was just glad to still get bookings even if at the time I was switching over to digital and only had a laptop! We decided to come back to England in 2009 and after coming back I started to invest in digital DJING a lot more. I invested in my first controller which was a DJ Control MP3 e2 which my son now uses, I tried many controllers including the Traktor s4 but I just didn't feel the music with them. So I decided to switch over to timecodes, I choose vinyl timecode so I can get the best of both worlds vinyl and digital which worked for me as I was use to decks. I also became a volunteer working behind the scenes at my local FM Community station Inspiration FM in Northampton in 2010. I had no intention of becoming a presenter I was just helping edit and prepare interviews as I was too shy. But one day I was asked to cover a Show so I decided to go on air. (you could just about hear me on the mic!) But I did catch the radio bug which i'm sure any presenter will tell you it is very contagious. In 2011 a presenter could no longer present a show and if I wanted to cover it until further notice. I accepted and the Thursday Night Mix show was born. I have had Co hosts on the show alongside me and we have also have showcased local talent with the help of a local youtube channel. I also started doing Drivetime Wednesday's for my local station. I took a year out from DJING in 2014 And came back on air in 2015 under the name Paul-LH. Since then I have been involved in many events, bars and clubs. I hope to be involved in lots more Clubs, events and festivals. In 2019 I was chosen as a finalist for Slipmatt’s Mixfactor competition to DJ Poolside to win the competition. Unfortunately I didn’t win but it was a real experience. During lockdown I DJ’d on a few Internet radio stations, including Old Skool UK & Shed FM. I also joined My DJ Hub in 2020 ran by Terry Hooligan, Slipmatt and Mark XTC. Thanks to My DJ Hub I have had the chance to meet some great people ,DJ some great events and thanks to the Hub I am now part of Eruption Radio and the journey continues… It's not been an easy Journey when I look back AND i know I have a long way to go but then what is easy. after all this time the desire to DJ is still burning strong! I love to see peoples reactions no matter if the venue is packed or not you can always build up a vibe! I have learnt a lot over the years good and bad but and the journey continues…

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