Culture: Sir Clive Woodward


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How to create a winning culture with in sport, business and life with Sir Clive Woodward. Clive was appointed England coach in 1997, and he went about transforming the culture of the team, using many of the lessons he had learnt running a small business. Results steadily improved until England were unquestionably the top team in the world, a goal Clive had set right at the outset of his tenure, and they rounded things off by lifting the Webb Ellis trophy in 2003, coping brilliantly with the pressure of being tournament favourites. In this episode they talk about many of the lessons that Clive shared to help take England from underachievers to the best in the world. Clive explains the similarities between managing England and running a small business, and why all high achievers never stop looking to learn and work on themselves. He explains the difference between sponges and rocks, and why it’s vital to be the former and not the latter. They discuss 'TCUP'- thinking correctly under pressure- and how it can be employed in any sphere of life. This episode was recorded shortly before the London Bridge attack, and Clive actually explains how thinking about TCUP could help if caught up in an incident like that. They talk about 3D learning and why knowing what the basics of your business is both crucial and also rare. Clive also gives his assessments of the 2019 England team who reached the world cup final, and compares them to his Cup winning 2003 team.

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