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Welcome to DotMobbRadio "The Movement" a blogtalk radio show sponsored by T Rex w/ host JimGeezyDotMfMob also Vice president of DotMobbDMV on Dotmobradio we wanna tap into the lives and history of Dotmobb and also others who are in the battle rap culture and music industry...we promote music,Shows,Events and anything else going on in the culture "From The Streets To the Main Stage".....the name speaks for itself so lock in with us everyday from 11-12am and Sundays DotMobbRadio "After Dark" 12pm for the ladies so lock in if you wanna here the real! "DotMobbRadio we are the movement that's moving if you ain't wit the movement keep it moving! #VP_DotMobDMV My contacts Facebook:Glenn Johnson IG:@VP_DotMobDMV Twitter:@VP_DotMobDMV DoneDeal Contact IG- @goodasdone Facebook- Lynx Allen T-Rex Contact Facebook:Rex Sullivan IG:@YHATETREX Twitter:@IHATETREX Email:IHATETREX@GMAIL.COM Send music to or •DotMfMob•TrueGang @TREX @Murder Mook @Daylyt @DanBarz @DotGotti @Showoffs_Talent @StarSmilez @Chayna Ashley @Real Deal @DutchBrown @Brock @Nymes @LouieDa13 @Chops @Tycoon Tax @VP_DotMobDMV @Snakeyez @DoneDeal @Charisma @Bad New @Nemo @BadUno @OboneKanobe @Flea-Diddy @popshit @Ave @yk @Brizz @Big Roy @Ugg @RonGotti @smoov @RStreets @KrispyYamagucci @Tori R.I.P QDot R.I.P Just "You Can't Go Wrong When It's Real Niggaz On The Line" #VpDotMobDMV

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