033 WOSFL IMG secretary Kennie Young: explanations, answering accusations & why some clubs could soon be using changing rooms again


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THERE can’t have been many busier football administrators this summer than Kennie Young.

The West of Scotland League’s fixture secretary hasn’t just had a new setup to schedule.

He’s had to deal with a global pandemic, ever-changing conditions and teams pulling out.

That’s seen conferences ripped up and redrawn and matches altered and called off at the last minute.

But in between it all he’s made time to listen to Down The Divisions – and he’s ready for some straight talking about what’s been said on the show.

Kennie joins us on the show this week.

We’ll hear just how chaotic the last few months have been and exactly what’s gone on.

We’ll take a look to what the future holds for the new structure - and why some clubs could be back in changing rooms soon.

Plus we’ll reflect on Kennie’s long and distinguished career helping to make the juniors game work as we go Down The Divisions. If you have any comments we'd love to hear from you. Likewise if you're at a club who would like your post-match audio featured on the show then do get in touch. You can email downthedivisions@gmail.com or contact us through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Down The Divisions logo design Adam Aitken Intro and outro music Bensound

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