038 Carlo Walker: Maybole appeal & player fears, loans in the pandemic & why he'd take his 20-year-old self to a desert island


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LOWER LEAGUE football is back on hold again.

That’s despite requests from some sides to halt certain levels being turned down by the Lowland League last week.

One of the clubs who wanted a suspension was Maybole. Their manager, club legend Carlo Walker, joins us on the show this week.

We’ll hear how player concerns and fears over asking them to play with resentment prompted him and the club to make their appeals to the authorities – and what they thought about the initial reactions to it.

With the game now mothballed for at least three weeks we’ll talk to Carlo about just how he thinks Maybole and other clubs will survive this latest lockdown, plus the balancing act needed when bringing players in on loan during the pandemic.

But we’ll make sure it’s not all doom and gloom too. We’ll also take a look back at Carlo’s playing and management career.

Ally McCoist and Ian Durrant might have ducked out of his testimonial game at The Bole – but Carlo reveals just why he's been there for an incredible 18 years. The record holder for playing the most games for Stranraer reserves without getting a contract explains why he'd take his 20-year-old self with him if he was stranded on a desert island - and why he was his toughest opponent.

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