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Just like most people's first day of school -- Harrison and Jon met on the playground. A playground full of adult males. Kinda like a Grinder Sandbox. They were a match made in JCPenny, Harrison's khaki pants and long uncombed hair -- combined with Jon's soulless eyes and vast layers of talking points. After one quick lunch, and the discovery that they both knew everything about everything -- they decided to enter a quest. There are no princesses, or gold at the end of this quest. Much like an 8th-grade study hall, the goal of this quest is knowledge. DumbUMental is a reference point for todays modern world. It is full of sophisticated, classic humor, and references to current, and thought-provoking content. Join us for your morning shower, or your evening poop. Join us when you're waiting for Jimmy John's to deliver a flavorless sandwich and poorly sliced pickle. Join us when you're thirsty, like all the girls who've ever gone on a date with us.

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