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Kasey Bell is an award-winning digital learning consultant, national speaker, and blogger with a passion for technology and learning. Her blog is shakeuplearning.com (http://shakeuplearning.com/) Kasey is a Google Certified Innovator, Google Certified Trainer, and Amazon Education Thought Leader. She is our guest today on EdTech NOW, hosted by Noah Geisel. EdTech NOW is sponsored by Stackup, the only tool that unlocks the learning benefits of the entire web, while providing the accountability educators need to measure progress and engagement. With Stackup, you can measure and report online reading and learning for your entire district, in less than two minutes. Got to Stackup.net (http://stackup.net/). We post all episodes on SoundCloud and ITunes. Visit us on Medium for show archives and notes. https://medium.com/edtechnow

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