Layman Pascal - Spiritual Practice as Harmonization


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Layman Pascal is an author, speaker, and body-mind-soul at large in the Integral and Metamodern scenes.

In this episode we dive into Layman's 'integration surplus' model of spiritual practice. This model offers an integrative lens through which to view all transformative practices. Through my work at the Monastic Academy I developed a startlingly similar 'harmonization model' of spiritual practice, which forms the conceptual basis of the curriculum for the Willow Intensive. You can learn more about that in this companion episode with John Vervaeke. In this conversation with Layman we explore some of the deeper ramifications and affordances of this way of looking at transformative practice.

If you'd like to explore this way of approaching practice more deeply we are offering two online courses:

October 19 - November 9 at 11:30 a.m. ET: Intro to Harmonization: A New Ecology of Practices


October 22 - November 12 at 6:00 p.m. ET: Jade Method Meditation Course



In this conversation Layman and I speak about:

- How the harmony model arose out of Layman’s spiritual & philosophical practice

- That all spiritual practices can be framed in terms of harmonization, and why that is so significant

- Why it’s important that this model is ‘ontologically agnostic’

- The common confusion between harmony and unison

- The role of meeting conflict in order to reveal a deeper harmony

- The four fundamental proto-skills to help us harmonize any system

- How super abundant harmony can help us identify what is valuable and good in any context

- The value and limitation of awakening, and why it can sometimes lead to unskillful behavior

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