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By listening to this podcast, you have your very own Employment Lawyer In Your Pocket #ELiYP We're aiming to help managers and business owners navigate the murky and often contentious world of employment law and keep you on the straight and narrow with your staff. *NEW Season 6* In this season, we take a look at the stories making the headlines and ask, “Is this case for real? How did the employer get away with that? And what is the law behind the headlines?” In season 1, Simon and Jack discuss the eight essential steps which an employer must take when looking to fairly dismiss an employee. In seasons 2 and 3, Simon and the team answer questions which have been tweeted by our listeners. These seasons include our “How To..” and “Tell Me…” episodes. How To Be A Good Witness? How To Give A Reference? How To Deal With Stubble & Tattoos? Tell Me How To Process Employee Information? Tell Me How To Stop Employees From Swearing? And many, many more. In season 4 the Employment Team’s episodes include The One With The Bert & Ernie Cake, The One With The Potential Data Breach, The One With The Glitter Ball & Fake Tan, The One With All The Christmas Films and many more! In Season 5 it is our “listen and learn” season of podcasts. The ELiYP team tell a story, week by week, about a situation which the team has encountered. The team then discuss the law relating to that situation. One story told week by week. You can follow the award-winning Employment Team on twitter @EmpLawyerSimon @EmpLawyerDonna @EmpLawyerJack, and @EmpLawyerDunc You can also tweet us any questions using the #ELiYP hashtag

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